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Pre-1840 Camp at sunset

2024 Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous

July 20-27, 2024


Open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am-4:00pm


2911 Stoney Run Road

Sugar Grove, PA 16350

Keith Anderson - Booshway


You're Invited to Attend!

The “Rendezvous”:

A grand social event for all, “rendezvous” was the only time during the year when old friends could meet and learn of events “back in the settlements”, swap tales of their high adventures, and competitively test their frontier skills.  As you stroll around the grounds, you will see glimpses of life as it was lived in the mountains during those glorious times and may even hear bagpipes and other music. At any given rendezvous you will see individuals dressed from formal colonial wear to full Native American regalia. Attending a Rendezvous is a very pleasant way to spend one's vacation since modern intrusions are not to be seen or heard!


The NRLHF Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous is a celebration of the 1830’s Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Rendezvous and the earlier trade fairs, when hunters, trappers, Native Americans, and fur company dealers met in the wilderness to exchange furs for manufactured goods from the East.  The 2024 event will be held in Sugar Grove, PA and is rich in history. Founded in 1802 by Revolutionary War Veterans, Sugar Grove was named for its beautiful maple forest covering the valley and surrounding hills. 


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