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So you want to be a booshway!

Read on for hints, tips and suggestions:

Need input, tips, hints, and suggestions!

If you have any imput or suggestions you'd like to share, please e-mail Thank you!

Foggy morning at Rendezvous

Steps/Stages of Running a Rendezvous

Landowner Agreement


A land owner agreement should be secured prior to submitting a location for vote. 

Getting the vote

Voting occurs during the events for the next year. With the exception of the NRLHF Corps of Discovery, which has its own returnable site. 

The Booshway Files

First in command at a rendezvous. More information to come...

The Segundo's Story

Second in command! More information to follow...

The Scribe's Scribbles

The commander of all this written for an event. More information will be posted shortly.

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